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Patent Us2857148 Method Of Firing Rotary Kilns And Gas

Stone Crushing Machine : Patent us2857148 method of firing rotary kilns and gas - We provide customers with a variety of good quality construction and mining crushing equipment, and optimize the combination of various types of equipment to meet different process needs.

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(Internal mixers are used in some kilns to insure uniformity of product but the use of such mixers results in higher dust loads in the exit gas.) Short rotary kilns have more limited feed size requirements (3/8 to 13/4) than long rotary kilns.

From the rotary kiln, clinker passes to a conventional clinker cooler 80, such as a grate type cooler.About twenty percent (20 percent) of the total fuel input is used in the rotary kiln.Exhaust gases from the kiln 46 passes to the trough kiln and mixes with the exhaust of the calcining zone 76.

National Lime Association, Petitioner, v. Environmental ...

@article{osti_1258019, title = {Method and apparatus for maximizing throughput of indirectly heated rotary kilns}, author = {Coates, Ralph L and Smoot, Douglas L.And Hatfield, Kent E}, abstractNote = {An apparatus and method for achieving improved throughput capacity of indirectly heated rotary kilns used to produce pyrolysis products such as shale oils or coal oils that are susceptible to .

@article{osti_868249, title = {Rotary kiln seal}, author = {Drexler, Robert L}, abstractNote = {A rotary seal used to prevent the escape of contaminates from a rotating kiln incinerator.The rotating seal combines a rotating disc plate which is attached to the rotating kiln shell and four sets of non-rotating carbon seal bars housed in a primary and secondary housing and which rub on the sides .

@article{osti_871081, title = {Apparatus and methods for cooling and sealing rotary helical screw compressors}, author = {Fresco, Anthony N}, abstractNote = {In a compression system which incorporates a rotary helical screw compressor, and for any type of gas or refrigerant, the working liquid oil is atomized through nozzles suspended in, and parallel to, the suction gas flow, or alternatively .

A method and apparatus are described for environmentally sound usage of combustible solid waste in operating rotary cement kilns.A cement kiln is modified to contain a port in the rotary cylinder for delivery of combustible solid waste into the kiln for burning in contact with calcining mineral material.

A number of different methods can be used to heat tunnel kilns.Typical heat sources include coal,gas,and other fuel.Automatic Computer-controlled Tunnel Kilns are computer-controlled, continuously operating car-bottom kilns.

A Reactor (or more specifically a chemical reactor) is a vessel designed to contain and control (chemical) reactions.A Pyrolyser is a reactor designed for thermal decomposition of biomass in a limited oxygen environment (= pyrolysis).A Gasifier is a reactor in which air is intentionally injected into the feedstock.Part of the feedstock is burned to produce a relatively clean pyrogas.

A rotary kiln in a dry cement production can be divided into five zones (Stadler et al.2011): heating zone, calcining zone, transition zone, firing zone and cooling zone.

A solar heated rotary kiln utilized for decomposition of materials, such as zinc sulfate.The rotary kiln has an open end and is enclosed in a sealed container having a window positioned for directing solar energy into the open end of the kiln.The material to be decomposed is directed through the container into the kiln by a feed tube.

DOE Patents Patent: Method and apparatus for maximizing ...

Abstract: A method and apparatus for burning combustible waste materials such as municipal and other refuse, utilizing combustion of the waste materials in a rotary tubular kiln at temperatures above 1200., using combustion air in the temperature range between 300.

Aug 01, 2017 The patent was transferred in 1965 to Maerz Ofenbau AG in Zurich / Switzerland which then further developed the kiln process and the kiln design.2 Operating principle Due to the conditions of parallel flow of the kiln charge and the combustion gases in the burning shaft the parallel flow regenerative kiln (PFR kiln) is perfectly suitable .

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In rotary kilns, irrespective of the fuel used, the most obvious common feature of the firing system is the firing pipe (burner pipe) which passes through the kiln hood at the kiln's hot end, arranged more or less along the kiln's centre line, and through which the fuel is projected into the kiln at high velocity.

Rotary kiln seal (Patent)

Binasik has filed for patents to protect the following inventions.This listing includes patent applications that are pending as well as patents that have already been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Class 264 takes methods, per se, for treating a plastic body with a vapor to smooth or polish the surface, subclass 341.266, Metallurgical Apparatus, subclasses 251+ for means treating solid metal objects by contacting the object with a gas to bring about a metallurgical change in the object, e.

Dec 26, 2019 Rotary Kiln A rotary kiln is an inclined, rotating cylindrical reactor through which a charge moves continuously.The rotary kiln is a thermal processing furnace used for processing solid materials at extremely high temperatures in order to cause a chemical reaction or physical change.

Dec 28, 2015 In 1914, JE Greenawalt was granted a patent (US patent number 1103196) for rectangular tilting pans for vacuum sintering.The circular type of sintering machine was invented in 1930 by VA Sakharnov.The Huntington and Haberlein process was the best method of sintering prior to Dwight Lloyd patent number 882517 of 17th March, 1908.

Apparatus and methods for cooling and sealing rotary ...

0 60m rotary kiln, the kiln inlet takes KSF 2500 5-stage .Parts of the kiln inlet waste gas will be sent to the coal mill for drying heat of pulverized .And kiln inlet, ER for kiln outlet and coal mill, ER for cement mill, and.

Method and system including a double rotary kiln pyrolysis ...

Dramatically reduced by the use of hydrogen fired rotary kilns (patent pending) Both manufacturer quotations and computer modeling indicate advanced firing technology can be employed to achieve rotary kiln throughput rates that greatly exceed rates of the Davidson kilns operated from 1931 – 1961.

Keller currently works at the Institute for Automation and Applied Informatics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.He is Head of the research area Advanced Automation Technologies (A2T).

Modified cement kiln for burning combustible solid waste ...

A method of destroying hazardous organic waste material in solid, pasty, greasy or sludge form including the steps of maintaining a burning zone in a rotary kiln at a gas temperature of at least 1500 C., introducing the waste directly into the burning zone, simultaneously burning the waste together with cement, lime or lightweight aggregate in the kiln so as to form a gaseous .

In one case, when 47 percent of the coal fired in the calciner was substituted with tire-derived-fuel, a reduction in NOX emissions of about 29 percent was observed.3 Mid-Kiln Firing The concept of staged combustion of fuels may also be used in conventional wet and long-dry kilns by injecting solid fuel into the calcining zone of a .

Jan 01, 2011 Preheater kiln for the cement clinker production with four cyclone stages in the preheater tower, the rotary kiln and the cooler.Usually, at this stage in modern kilns a precalciner is introduced.Essentially, a precalciner is an additional combustion chamber, which is able to drive the dominant endothermic process of calcination.

Rotary cement kilns are fired with a wide array of fuels including pulverised coal, pulverised (or shredded) non-coal solid fuels such as wastes, fuel oil, natural gas, or a series of combinations of different fuel types.

Jan 01, 2017 The paper presents results of the investigation of an innovative biomass and alternative fuel low-temperature gasification method before co-firing in industrial or power plant boilers.Gasification process takes place with use of flue gas as a gasifying agent with recirculation of resulting gas (syngas) to the boiler's combustion chamber.

Johnson’s prototype kilns as described and depicted in his patent were of only ten feet in diameter, making 10 tonnes each, but the kilns were soon scaled up to the full 18 ft, making 30 tonnes.The drying chamber, of the same width as the diameter of the kiln had a specified length of 80 to 100 ft, later extended to as much as 120 ft.

Jul 03, 2013 firing for a high capacity rotary kiln – CERI-Colorado Energy ….20 Oct 2009 … Preliminary designs of 5 tpd pilot, 300 tpd demo,.

Jun 23, 1992 The materials 24 fed into the rotary kiln are calcined by burning gas and transferred into the kiln and finely sintered at a firing zone 26 of the kiln to produce clinker 25.The clinker 25 is discharged from an outlet of the kiln into a clinker cooler 21, in which the clinker is cooled by quenching air from a cooling fan.

Turn Key Brick Plant Brick Firing Tunnel Kiln Modular ...

K2SO , is recovered from the leachate by cry- stallization, and the supernatant is recycled to the leach- ing system.Recovery of Potassium Sulfate from Cement-kiln Flue Dust.Patent 2,991,154, July 4, 1961.

Choosing a biochar reactor to meet your needs

Kiln gas exit temperatures are as low as about 250 C.) at the upper mineral receiving end of so-called wet process kilns.) kiln gas temperatures exist in the upper end of dry process rotary kilns.

Kiln off gas is generated and phosphorous pentoxide is collected from the kiln off gas.The kiln discharges a residue containing processed agglomerates, less than 20% of the agglomerates .

Model predictive control of a rotary cement kiln |

Method of cofiring hazardous waste in industrial rotary kilns Abstract.A method and apparatus of cofiring hazardous organic waste in solid, pasty, greasy or sludge form by introducing it directly into the burning zone of an industrial rotary kiln and burning the waste in the burning zone simultaneously with cement, lime or lightweight aggregate.

Solar heated rotary kiln (Patent)

Non-CO2 cement kilns including thermal plasma system for non-CO2 gas treatment and the method using the same (22) 02.2018 (57) The present invention relates to a rotary kiln furnace capable of simultaneously processing non-CO2 greenhouse gases while producing cement additives in a cement.

Normal rotary kiln operating pressure is approximately 1 mm Hg (0.Water) negative with respect to the kiln room.The hypothetical positive pressure transient for a seal air system design is 517 mm Hg (10 psi) positive.

Nov 22, 2017 New technology is developed for Waelz treatment of electric arc furnace dust with the addition of calcium oxide to a charge.In this case, lead and halides are transferred into distillates.Calcium ferrite and zinc oxide remain in clinker.Clinker is sent for leaching zinc followed by zinc electrolysis from solution.The insoluble residue of calcium ferrite is used in ferrous metallurgy.

Oct 01, 2012 The residence time of the solid materials in the rotary kiln is 20–30 min and up to 60 min depending on the length of the kiln.The hot flue gas flows through the rotary kiln and preheater in opposite direction to the solids.The burning conditions in kilns with precalciner firing depend on the precalciner design.

Patent number: 10844285 Abstract: A reactor (16) for the remediation of polyfluoroalkyl- and/or microplastic-contaminated feedstocks includes an elongated, horizontally oriented, axially rotatable drum (34) having a shell (72) within a housing (32), with a feedstock input assembly (38) adjacent one end of the drum (34) and a feedstock output .

Patent US2857148 - Method of firing rotary kilns and gas burner .Gas burners previously used for firing rotary kilns have varied from simple gas nozzles to .If a small quantity of primary air is premixed with gas in a burner, the .

Patent USPortland cement manufactureGoogle Waste matter is incinerated in a combustion zone external to a rotary cement kiln the cement plant gas path e.Into the firing end of the rotary kilnthe rotary kiln such as the initial grinding mill the preparation .57 A method for the treatment of exhaust gases from the production of cement .

Portable Rotary Kiln With Burner Blower Worldwide.Sand drying plant australia used ball mills for gold dryerrotary kiln cone crusher 150 ton r le prix et le ide ve listings 2984 4 rotary kiln dryer and blower 24 rotary with 4 rotary kiln dryer and blower 24 rotary kiln.

Preheater calciner gas offtake bypass rotary kiln through the flows of kiln feed gas and dust and make it possible to calculate a in rotary kilns in the cement more detailed khd symposium 2006 burning chamber installation for increased 2 concentration in rotary kiln exhaust gas 35 at 10 bypass ratio .

Producing hydrogen gas and precipitating zinc oxide from the vapor stream (1.Firing continues at 1200 C to 1300 C where metallic copper, silver, and gold collect at the base of the kiln, the impurities collect in a borax glass slag layer floating on top of the metals.

Production Of Sintered Dolomite In A Rotary Kiln.

Residence Time For Rotary Kilns Linkedin Oct 25 2017 residence time or retention time is the time it takes for material to move from the feed end of the system to the discharge end of the system residence time for rotary kilns Measurement Of Residence Time Distribution In A Rotary Rotary calcination is widely used in catalyst manufacturing and many other .

Albrecht Wolter Inventions, Patents and Patent ...

Rotary Kiln Allowable Stress And Deformation.Rotary kiln allowable stress and deformation.The rotation of the kiln causes it to gradually move downhill to the other end of the kiln figure 1 rotary kiln left general layout1, right cement plant kakanj figure 1right shows such a kiln in the cement plant kakanj rotary kiln is 70 m long and its inner diameter is 44 m slope is 35, and it has 2 rev min.

Rotary Kiln Price/tunnel Kiln/modular Kiln , Find Complete Details about Rotary Kiln Price/tunnel Kiln/modular Kiln,Rotary Kiln Price,Tunnel Brick Firing Kiln,Rotary Kiln Calciner from Brick Making Machinery Supplier or Manufacturer-Sichuan Lingtong Intelligence Environmental Protection Industry Co.

35 Full PDFs related to this paper.

Lime Shaft Kilns

SUBSTANCE: method comprises steps of filtering pulp of zinc cake in press filters; mixing filtered cake having humidity 19 - 23% with coke fines, fluxing additives, circulating dust or with other dust-like zinc-containing products suitable for rotary-kiln processing in apparatus providing turbulent motion of materials; then subjecting prepared .

Swirl-Stabilized Oxygen Fuel Burner for Low Firing Rates, with Mahendra Joshi, #6,029,910.Assigned to American Air Liquide, Inc.Application made for international patents under PCT.Flue Gas Recirculation for NOx Reduction from Glass Melting Furnaces, with Mahendra Joshi and Pat Mohr.

Kilns in Kolkata, West Bengal

The abstract of the patent published by the U.Patent and Trademark Office states: A method of operating a mineral processing kiln includes introducing a quantity of a selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) reducing agent into the kiln.The SNCR reducing agent may be a solid, liquid, or a gas.

The conditions in rotary kilns, such as high temperature, the high speed of the gas stream and the long particle -storage period, guarantee that the use of AF is ecologi cally safe.

Burner pipe rotary kilns

The disadvantage of these methods is the high heat losses through the furnace shell in connection with the use of a single-layer lining of the basic refractories (periclase-chromite), having a higher conductivity, Tu is the lining of the rotary kiln for wellawaya zinc-containing materials, made of acidic and basic refractories, where the bottom .

Chester S. Binasik Inventions, Patents and Patent ...

The German Patent Classification, Class 10 Page 1 10 Fuels 10a Coking, low-temperature carbonisation, carbonisation .10a-5/03 Top and bottom feeding of gas and air from vertical heating flues ., with the exception of rotary-hearth kilns and mechanical multistage furnaces .

The heat exchanger is a rotary kiln containing a hinge mounted on the fingers with a stiff thee the axis of the furnace l, a width b and a dimension h from the plane passing through the extreme form of the tray to the axis of the hinge, characterized in that it uses a single thrust of size N, is fixed perpendicular to the tray at its center .

The kilns at Shoreham were typical of the first generation of successful kilns.They were supplied as a fully-equipped package by F.Smidth (FLS), loosely based on a design by Lathbury & Spackman.They were numbers 3 and 4 in the FLS rotary kiln order book, the first two, of almost identical design, having been installed at Aalborg, Denmark, in 1899.

Class Definition for Class 34

The known device for feeding gases into the rotary kiln (ed.USSR N 1145224, CL F 27 B 7/36 priority from 10.Kuprienko), where the gas-coolant is supplied through separate channels, but through the perforated holes, contacting thermoablative material that in some cases, for example, the firing of .

The method of calcination of minerals, including filing caliciviruses breed in the vertical shaft from top to bottom, the feed gas recirculation, providing education four heat zones along the movement of the rock from top to bottom - heating zone of the breed, countercurrent zone of calcification, a flow zone of calcification and cooling zones .

Rotary Kiln – IspatGuru

The ring formation in rotary kiln is a complicated process, which obstructs the development of grate-kiln production.In the experiment of ring formation in the acid pellet gas heated rotary kiln .

Iron Ore Agglomeration Processes and their Historical ...

Thus, the claimed set of examples and parameters of the proposed method corresponds to criterial cobalt screw feeder serves on firing in a tubular rotary kiln, heated hydrogen.The firing temperature of cobalt oxide supported within 800-940 o C by regulating the supply of hydrogen into the furnace.Oxide from the furnace is discharged into the .

Tunnel kiln for firing bricks in brick production line.The fuel can be coal, natural gas, heavy oil.The capacity of kiln can be 30 million to 120 million per year based on standard Chinese brick size.

's, OGAKI-SHI, patent portfolio profile on Patent Buddy.Patent Buddy is the world's most extensive database and networking website for patent attorneys, agents and inventors helping inventors like IBIDEN CO.

A method for monitoring combustion efficiency in an operating long rotary cement kiln, said cement kiln including a rotary vessel having in series a clinkering zone, a calcining zone and a mineral drying/pre-heat zone, a kiln gas stream comprising combustion products flowing serially from said clinkering zone through said calcining zone and mineral drying/pre-heat zone, and cement .

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